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Welcome to Integrity Staffing Solutions

About this Site

This site has been designed for current Temporary Associates who are interested in continuing on their assignments at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. While change is never easy, we’re committed to making this transition a smooth one for you. If you choose to stay on your assignment, you’ll still have access to all of the perks you’ve come to expect – you’ll just become an Integrity Staffing Solutions Associate. You’ll be joining an elite team of thousands of people - just like you - across the US.

This site will provide frequent updates on what you can expect to see over the next 30 to 60 days through the transition process. You’ll also find answers to the most frequently asked questions, submit a question for feedback, get information about pay or benefits, and learn more about Integrity Staffing Solutions policies.

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Welcome to the new normal. Welcome to Integrity Staffing Solutions.
Engine of Opportunity. Engine of the new economy.

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Question about the transition process? Find answers here!

Do I have to transition to Integrity Staffing Solutions to remain on assignment at Amazon?

Integrity is looking forward to working with all of the outstanding Temporary Associates currently assigned to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.  While our desire is to keep you working at Amazon fulfillment, you are not required to stay on the assignment.  You may choose to end your assignment and get reassigned by your temporary employer.  However, to stay on assignment at Amazon you will need to register with Integrity Staffing Solutions during the transition period.

When can I register with Integrity Staffing Solutions?

We will be updating this site and providing communication notices via signage in the buildings that will provide you with specific information about the registration process. Please register for alerts and updates on this website. You will receive an email notification each time we update the site with new information.

If I do not want to remain on assignment at Amazon through Integrity Staffing Solutions, what should I do?

Please reach out to your agency representative asap. To remain eligible for rehire at the Amazon facility one weeks’ notice or your resignation is required.

To register with Integrity Staffing what will I have to do?

Further information will be communicated to you. Here are some highlights; you will be invited to complete a computerized application, present your proof of your right to work in the US and meet with one of our Placement Specialists. We will share with you information about our benefits options, as well as other critical information. This is required because Integrity Staffing Solutions will become your employer representative if you choose to remain on assignment at Amazon.

To register with Integrity Staffing Solutions will I have to have a drug test again?

Yes, our process involves a drug test. We will be conducting drug tests no sooner than 2 weeks prior to the transition date.

Does this transition hurt my chances to be converted to Amazon?

No, becoming an employee with Integrity Staffing will not affect your standing with Amazon or conversion possibilities.

I'm in the process of being converted. How will I be affected by this change?

We don’t foresee the conversion process being impacted by the transition of vendor services for those who are currently in the conversion process.

How will I get paid?

Integrity pays weekly and offers direct deposit and will be offering Pay Cards as well. If you have Direct Deposit or a Pay Card with your current agency, you will need to sign-up for Direct Deposit through Integrity.

Will I get paid the same amount of money?

Yes, your hourly pay will remain the same with Integrity Staffing.

Since I am starting a new job with a new company, will I miss a payday at the beginning?

Integrity pays each Friday for any hours worked the previous week (Sunday – Saturday). Your current employer will continue to issue your pay as you receive it now for any hours worked through the transition date. Your first paycheck with Integrity will be on Friday following your first week of work after the transition (August 12th).

Does Integrity follow the same attendance policy?

Yes. We follow the same attendance policy. All your points will transfer over from your current assignment.

Before the transition happens do I still work for my current employer?

Yes, prior to the transition period, you will remain an employee of your current employer.  If you have any questions regarding your assignment, need to call out from work or any other workplace questions you should direct them to them. If you transition to Integrity, your assignment will continue at Amazon.  After the transition date you will address questions to Integrity Staffing Solutions.   If you have questions regarding the transition process and how to register with Integrity Staffing Solutions, we are always around to help!

Can I transition to Integrity Staffing Solutions prior to the transition date?

At this time, you will not be able to move over to Integrity any earlier than the transition date.

Does Integrity offer medical benefits?

Yes, Integrity offers medical benefits after 8 hours on assignment.   We will providing information to you about our benefits during your transition meeting with a Placement Specialist.

Can I change my shift or department during the transition?

At this time, you will remain in the same shift and department. 

I was promised a different shift, will Integrity honor this promise?

All shift changes and prior agreements will be reviewed by Amazon HR and Integrity after the transition to ensure the request is handled appropriately.

Do I have to get retrained with Integrity?

No, you will not need any additional training. Keep up the great work.

Will my attendance points transfer to Integrity Staffing Solutions?

Yes, your attendance current points will transfer.  They will also fall off after 90 days from the date of the original occurrence!

Will Integrity Staffing Solutions have Onsite Team members to help us?

Once the transition is complete, you will be introduced to your onsite team.  Integrity Staffing Solutions will have team members in Safety, Human Resources, Pay Roll and Shift and Site Operations Management Roles.  Our teams are dedicated to ensuring our associates have a positive assignment experience.

What if I want to refer a friend? Does Integrity offer a referral bonus? Where do you take applications?

Yes, Integrity Staffing does offer referral bonuses. Make sure to refer your friends and family!

I have some additional questions. Who can I speak to?

Email us at today.  Someone will respond to your question within 24 hours.  Please provide a complete name, contact number and the best time to reach you, as well as a detailed question.